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PLANTMATE is more than a good harvest. We offer the BEST.


Awarded as "The Best Organic Fertilizer in the Philippines" Plantmate is a superior organic fertilizer consisting of 25 Beneficial Microorganisms with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium (NPK), Calcium, micronutrients, probiotics, enzymes, amino acids, and growth promoting substances for soil rehabilitation and crop improvement.

Liquid Fertilizer

“Prime EC Foliar” is a complete NPK Liquid Fertilizer for Flowering & Fruitening made with Soya extract, Seaweed extracts with Humic, Amino and Organic Acids

BPA Activator

The Bio-PLUS Activator is an advanced Bio-Technology Concentrate of 25 Beneficial Microorganisms producing Nutrients, Probiotics, Enzymes & Multi-vitamins. The BPA Concentrate is widely used in Poultry Treatment and biodegradable solid waste treatment to convert wastes into cash.

Water Treatment

biosol plus

The Advanced Biochemical Wastewater Treatment Solution--BIOSOL PLUSTM is a scientifically formulated biochemical product that can treat all types of waste effluents

Awards and OCCP

Welcome to PLANTMATE Organic Fertilizer

Richfund International Co., Ltd. employs more than one hundred (100) hard-working personnel working together to attain our vision to be the number one exporter of Organic Fertilizers and Hybrid Castor Beans from the Philippines. Our team is persistent on aiming for product quality and service excellence. We aspire to meet effectively the demands of our international clients worldwide. Richfund International Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and an international supplier of the most advanced organic fertilizer and hybrid castor beans.

How To Use

Our products are ready to use, proven effective and beneficial to its users, and of course Environmental Friendly. We have Specific Protocols for each type of crop which show cases a step-by-step process from Land preparation to Harvesting using our products.

We have technicians to assist on proper application and for any other concerns our clients may have. 



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