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Increasing Organic Matter in the Soil and Plantmate

It has been established through numerous studies and research that organic matter is an essential part of farming, and diminishing organic matter has resulted to a small harvest. We have also covered this topic in our previous post: Organic Matter, Living Organisms and Farming. Successive decomposition of dead material and modified organic matter results in the formation of a more complex organic matter called humus (Juma, 1998). This process increases the CEC or Cation Exchange Capacity of the soil, it is the ability to attract and retain nutrients. The stored nutrients contribute the overall well being of the soil as Macro and Micro Nutrients helps other organisms thrive in the soil.

Here are some tips to increase Organic Matter in the Soil

  • Plant Perennial Pasture

The soil planted with perennial grass or other perennial plants increases Organic matter, as the leaves of these plants is a good source of Organic Matter. And it also increases the aggregates in the soil.

  • Green Manure Crops

These are specific plant/crop varieties that grown and used to improve the quality of the soil by simply leaving it in the field to be decomposed.

  • Animal Manure

Manure fertilizers that are applied to the soil to increase the organic matter by providing organic material such as: Chicken, Pig and Cow Manure

  • Organic Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer comes from the excretions or waste of living organisms (Animal and Plant). These organisms can be turned into Organic Matter through decomposition.


To speed up the process of increasing the organic matter and rehabilitating of the soil, we suggest using our own Organic Fertilizer: PLANTMATE. Plantmate is a product of 40 years of research and development, with a scientific concoction of 25 beneficial Micro-Organisms. This product is specifically developed by Dr. Eliseo Ruiz for he saw the degenerating effect of Chemical Fertilizer, more information about soil degradation please visit: Chemical Fertilizer and Soil Degradation. Again, Organic Matter can only be created as bio-degradable Organic materials are decomposed. Plantmate Organic Fertilizer comes from 100% Organic material and went through a hastened decomposition creating a ready organic matter that is easily applied to the soil combined with Micro-Organisms.



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