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Richfund International

An international supplier of the most advanced organic fertilizer Plantmate, and the award winning beneficial microbe concentrate Bio Plus Activator. 


Our Mission

We are devoted to providing the highest quality of products in the agriculture industry as well as meeting the demands of our international clients, while providing a rewarding and motivating atmosphere to our employees that contributes to an effective and efficient production.

  • To maintain high quality product.
  • To provide fast, effective and efficient service.
  • To supply the international demand for our product worldwide.

Our Vision

To become the No.1 leading supplier of the most advanced organic fertilizer and waste management concentrates, while expanding internationally and improving our business transactions together with the fast-paced development of technology.


Our Team

Richfund International Co., Ltd. employs more than one hundred (100) diligent personnel working together to attain our vision to be the number one exporter of Organic Fertilizers and Hybrid Castor Beans from the Philippines.

Our team is persistent on aiming for product quality and service excellence. We aspire to meet effectively the demands of our international clients worldwide.

Company Profile

Richfund International Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and international supplier of the most advanced organic fertilizer . Backed by excellent 40-years of Research & Development, the organic fertilizer of Richfund International Co., Ltd. is the most advanced fertilizer.

Our Objectives

  • To help protect the environment from the harmful effects of chemical fertilization.
  • To promote organic farming by supplying organic fertilizers and educating the farmers with its advantages over chemical/inorganic fertilizer.
  • To promote competitiveness among suppliers & manufacturers by providing high quality products at affordable prices.
  • To significantly contribute to the Agricultural Industry and help the Philippine Economy by reducing trade deficits through our export activities.
  • To motivate and empower our employees in attaining our corporate goals

Our Values

  • We are motivated and fortified with our corporate mission and vision
  • We are consistent with our Moral Values and Principles
  • We work together to achieve our goals and vision
  • Sharing our profits to improve the lives of our fellow Filipinos


We invest our resources on Research & Development to improve continuously our product. Our top priority is to offer superior quality products to our clients. We have our Quality Control Managers to monitor each and every stage of production.

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