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Posts by James Abad

Increasing Organic Matter in the Soil and Plantmate

It has been established through numerous studies and research that organic matter is an essential part of farming, and diminishing organic matter has resulted to a small harvest. We have also covered this topic in our previous post: Organic Matter, Living Organisms and Farming. Successive decomposition of dead material and modified organic matter results in…

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Chemical Fertilizer and Soil Degradation

All Plants require different set of nutrients such as the macro and micro nutrients for good and healthy growth (Tucker, 1999). Meaning to say, each planting season the nutrients that are taken away by the plant as they grow. Thus, it is needed for regular application fertilizers to compensate for the nutrients taken by the…

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Organic Matter, Living Organisms and Farming

Organic matter has a huge influence in the harvest and yield of farmers, as researched by Bauer and Black (1994) showing a close link of yield to organic matter. Organic Matter (OM) has recently gained popularity as more and more researches claiming the organic matters effect on plant productivity. Organic matter indeed as researches claim an…

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Organic Matter (OM) and the soil

One of the Essential things that can be found in the soil is the presence of the thing called Organic Matter. All soils have organic matter. Organic Matter is a composition of decomposed animal manure or plant waste, combined with the living aspect such as beneficial insects and micro-organisms. These organic matters come from various…

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